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M-Bus – RS232 converter/MBus 10..
PROFIBUS Master Simulator The Master Simulator is an easy to use tool to test the PROFIBUS functionality of any fieldbus device. Two versions are available, one basic version for PROFIBUS-DP only, and a full version for both PROFIBUS-DP and DPV1. aUTOMATIC SCAN The automatic S..
Wall Mount Option..
SD Memory card (industrial grade)..
Cable Kit for Wireless Bridge - Ethernet..
M9 Power connector for Wireless Bridge - Serial..
Serial Cable for Wireless Bridge - Serial..
M12 Connector Kit for Wireless Bridge - Ethernet..
AWB II DIN-clip kit with screws..
External antenna RP-SMA dual band..
Anybus Wireless Bridge Serial - Bluetooth Cable Kit..
Anybus Communicator Configuration Cable..
Bolt starter kit; 2xBolt cables power supply..
M9 Power connector with premounted 2 m cable for Wireless Bridge - Serial..
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